Adem Hamm 

EGB Interior Design
vue sur la zone attente et réception
Ergonomie, architecture d'intérieur, réaménagement de bureaux
salle de formation vue cloison amovible
comptoir de réception en forme arrondie
Réception, aménagement de bureaux, efficacité
Espace d'attente, réception, réaménagement
Chaises, ergonomie

Office space planning and project management in Design & Build : ADEM HAMM 

A new office space planning, a renovation, a transformation or just a compliance upgrade for your office space ? All of these needs require the same commitment and professionalism to accompany you.

Our interior designers are able to follow and help you during the process of transformation of your office, from the planning of the works to the end result of the project.

Here, no structural works but the renovation of a newly rented 500 m² space. We handled the project from A to Z and worked in a way that goes well beyond what a classical interior designer would do.

Specialized in design and project management since 1986, our interior designers put their expertise and advice to your service for the whole duration of the project.

Such a project is based on an innovative concept including architecture, design, technical engineering, lighting concept and color management. We always work following the Design & Build process and use the support of professionals who are experts in their own fields. This allows us to offer you a high-end service and end product, combining functionality and modern design.

You expect your interior designer to take your wishes and needs into account ? That he helps you express and realize them ? That he brings new ideas and concepts to the table ? Do you want your interior designer to make you dream ? But of course you also want him to respect your specifications and budget.

Then EGB Interior Design is the ideal Design & Build partner that you are looking for.




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