AI global investments 

EGB Interior Design
Project manager / owner
AI Global Investments
Area surface
220 m²
Project lenght
6 semaines
Septembre 2009
Walnut wood, carpet, RAL references, glass, white lacquer Suggérer une modification
cloison vitrée vitrophanie sablage office design bureau
kitchenette coffee corner mobilier
salle de réunion meeting room art contemporain peinture
table de réunion art contemporain bureaux
cloison vitrée vitrophanie sablage

The inclusion of art and design pieces was a very important aspect for this project and for our client.

One of the objectives here was to create not only an office space but also a showcase.

In this workspace, art is a common theme used in different forms, such as paintings and sculptures, but also the elegant italian “bench” tables.

The impression of calm created by the selection of colors and materials such as natural wood enhances this play around artwork and therefore constitutes the perfect work environment. The open space was placed around a central island unit used as a meeting table or as extra workspace.

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