EGB Interior Design

BIBIM, korean restaurant located Esch-Belval on the ground floor of the « Terres Rouges » building, offers authentic korean food during lunch hours. The restaurant trusted EGB for its refurbishment works.
EGB pioneer of the “Design & Build” concept was in charge of the space planning and the implementation of the interior design project.

The design concept is the result of a study of needs adapted to the owner as well as to his future customers. Beyond the atmosphere that our client wanted to give to his restaurant, health and safety rules as well as the technical needs were respected.

EGB worked on the whole surface of the restaurant, including the kitchen as well as the restaurant room. The idea behind this project was to combine an industrial and modern style to Bibim’s authentic korean identity. EGB worked with the already existing concrete and didn’t cover the cables in order to convey a raw feeling, perfectly contrasting with the natural oak tables and the white melamine chairs. EGB wanted to offer several options for lunchtime in order to appeal to a varied and cosmopolitan clientele. Hence, a long table to share with other customers, high tables and round tables were placed in the lunch area. The coloured paint on the floor and walls is a subtle reminder of the Korean flag.

Far from its usual customers, EGB proved through this project to be able to work on different types of projects following very different specifications.

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