Office Design Luxembourg (PBSE) 

aménagement de bureau et salle de conference avec mobilier vitra
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boitier connectique - aménagement de bureaux
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concept d'éclairage - aménagement de bureaux
ambiance cloison vitrée et sablée - aménagement de bureaux
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cloison aluminium et verre - aménagement de bureaux
comptoir de réception dans le corporate design - aménagement de bureaux
zone de réception - aménagement de bureaux
bureau open space - aménagement de bureaux
bureau à ambiance moderne

Office design, project management, Design & Build style

Office design, renovation, conversion or simply bringing your office space up to standard all require the same professional commitment from the architectural office which will work with you. EGB’s interior designers are able to offer you this professional support throughout the whole process of transforming your work space, from the planning stages to the final realisation of the project.

The designing of offices within an office complex in the central station area in the style of Design & Build bears witness to this. Here, it was not the structural work but the renovation of a newly rented 500 m2 space for which EGB Design took responsibility. This total office-planning project went beyond the work generally covered by an interior designer. EGB’s interior designers have been specialising in the planning and management of office design projects since 1986 and provide both expertise and advice even prior to undertaking the management of the site.

This type of renovation is based on an innovative concept integrating architecture, design, technical engineering, lighting and colour management.  The custom-design turnkey project is handled from A to Z by EGB’s interior designer who is supported by a team of experts in professional real estate to provide a top-of-the-range product combining attractive functionality and modern design:  drop ceilings, false floors, wall-to-wall carpeting, lightweight partitions, modern elegant office furniture, suitable concept lighting and appropriate air-conditioning.

Do you expect your interior designer to take your wishes into account? That he helps you to formulate and realise these wishes? That he will bring new ideas to the table? Do you expect your interior designer to add a touch of dream quality to that? Of course, you expect your project manager to adhere strictly to your specifications and to your budgets. Then, EGB Interior Design is your Design & Build partner.

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