Verkéiersverbond is part of the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures. Its goal is to improve the coordination of public transport network. The institution asked EGB to take care of its moving and refurbishment works in the SNHBM offices in Kirchberg.

EGB accepted the challenge. The situation at hand was analysed and the employee’s needs were put forward thanks to several meetings. An inventory was made, which facilitated the implementation of the project. The « design & build » solution offered by EGB allows the client to maintain full control on the project regarding the important decisions, which remain entirely up to him, while EGB takes care of the construction works management and makes sure that the project is successful.

The design concept for the ground floor of the « Altaïr and Deneb » building puts forward a dynamic and contemporary image, while answering the client’s needs in terms of versatility and organization.

The space was reorganized and now contains two copy print facilities, a reception area, a waiting room, a four person meeting room, two eight person meeting rooms, a twelve person meeting room, a kitchen, a four person office, five individual offices, a two person office, an archive room, a room for office supplies, a test center, a coffee point, three information technology services rooms, a call center, a mobility centre and a stockroom.

EGB was also in charge of the painting work, redoing the flooring, the electrical system, the multimedia system, the installation of the optical fibre and of the furniture and made-to-measure woodwork selection. The furniture brands selected for this project are some of the best on the office furniture supply market, such as Sedus, Haworth, Enea and Ophelis. The main materials used for this project include lacquered steel, white and oak melamine, lacquered and anodised aluminium, fabric, purple felt, epoxy metal and dark tinted wood.

Colours blend and contrast to stimulate and synergise, creating an overall sense of positive office living.

Verkéiersverbond | SNHBM | Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures

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