EGB Interior Design was asked by the BCEE to work on redevelopment work on the ground floor of the agency located in the Auchan-Kirchberg shopping center.

BCEE expressed the will to showcase its new corporate design in order to fit better the clients’ needs. This new identity aims to give a more modern image of the bank, while developing a new system. BCEE doesn’t want to be associated with the image of traditional banking anymore and wants to head towards personal counseling by putting forward customer service.

The design concept offered by EGB is part of BCEE’s new strategy to convey a contemporary image, but also answers the client’s needs in terms of functionality, ergonomics and adaptability. EGB doesn’t stop there and assists BCEE in the implementation of the specific works, following the « design & build » process.

For this project, the old agency was entirely demolished in order to be able to implement the changes. The main colors that were used here are white and red, which are the colors of BCEE. The main elements which are the reception desk and the ATM machines were done red, and the walls, floor and ceiling in white. Natural wood touches were added to warm up the space.

The easy access design and welcoming open environment make this bank customer-friendly.

BCEE | Auchan Luxembourg

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