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Réception de la CFL Esch-sur-Alzette
CFL - réception
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Esch-sur-Alzette main station is about to be completely transformed in the next few years.

The inside of the station as well as the platforms have to be refurbished and the CFL then has to handle the planning of the works in order to coordinate the different steps while the trains are still in circulation.

The first project consisted of transforming the reception area. The old buffet of the station was replaced by new counters and a waiting area.

The technical aspects were very important here. We had to think about how to combine the necessary elements to welcome the public with the lighting, fire safety rules and regulations, security cameras, acoustical ceilings and an effective HVAC system.

The counters also had to follow a very detailed bill of specifications and match with CFL will to renew its image in a more dynamic and modern way.

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