Cha zen food 

Cha Zen Food - vue sur l'extérieur
Cha Zen Food - vue sur le service à thé
Cha Zen Food - Sushis
Cha Zen Food - restaurant - vue sur la salle
Cha Zen Food - décoration
Cha Zen Food - table dressée

Sharing a meal and a moment, it’s with this thought in mind that we approached this project.

We made sure that the kitchen area would allow a detailed work on the elaboration of the different meals and flavors, and combined it with a neutral dining area to favor exchange and relaxation.

We selected white modern furniture, painted the walls, floor and ceiling in a Beijing grey. We added a few rare traditional chinese furniture pieces to create a calm and soothing atmosphere contrasting really well with the loud vintage chinese propaganda posters hung on the walls. We also carefully selected the lights in order to obtain this low-key and serene feel where you can share and enjoy a wonderful meal.

Cha Zen Food Strassen

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