City Shoes - salle d'exposition
City Shoes - salle d'exposition
City Shoes - vitrine
City Shoes - vue de l'extérieur sur la vitrine
City Shoes - vitrine du magasin
City Shoes - vitrine

The ultimate goal of every commercial activity is to sell.

Whether the activity is to sell products or services, it is impossible to do so without visibility.

For this shoe shop located right in the centre of Luxembourg city, the aim was to have the maximum impact with the minimum budget and in a very short amount of time.

We then decided to focus on the visual attractivity of the space, resulting in opaque window displays also serving as shelves showcasing the different brands present in the store.

The conscious choice of not showing a lot of shoes is a message to the customers, saying that City Shoes privileges quality over quantity. Each and every product has been carefully selected always bearing in mind the City Shoes customer.


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