Last year, we made the decision to change our offices interior fit-out.We handled the project as we would have with any of our clients.

We established a detailed design brief, did a space planning and handled the project in « design & build ». The goal was to obtain a pleasant and convivial work space, in which our co-workers would feel good and would want to spend time in.

We then redid part of the flooring, installed glassed partitions with window stickers showing greenery, did some woodwork and installed square shaped acoustic panels in the ceiling of the open space. We also gave a great importance to acoustic insulation and made sure that every room was entirely soundproof. Regarding the color choice, we chose to go with natural tones, such as white, natural wood and green. These colors have a soothing and welcoming effect and echo with the green surroundings.

We optimized the space by creating an L shaped open space which can contain 10 people, two offices for two people, two meeting rooms and one kitchen. The open space is built around patio doors which allow the natural light to come in and offer a stunning view on the surrounding nature.

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