In vino gildas 

Cloison vitrée donnant sur la cave à vins de In Vino Gildas
Espace réservé aux vins d'exception de IN VINO GILDAS
Vue sur la cave à vin de IN VINO GILDAS
Table de dégustation In Vino Gildas
Table de dégustation In Vino Gildas
Décoration stickers In Vino Gildas

In November 2018, the wine bar In Vino Gildas located 105 avenue du X Septembre in Luxembourg city, celebrated its 10 Years anniversary. In Vino Gildas organizes events with a worldwide selection of the finest wines and offers its customers the option to host private wine tastings.

10 years ago, EGB INTERIOR DESIGN helped bring this project to life by realising the design and the coordination of the fit-out works. The result is a timeless yet modern, welcoming space which facilitates discussion and meeting people, to fit perfectly and enhance the concept of this very unique place in the city.

In Vino Gildas

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