Office furnishings, creation of work areas, office design 

aménagement intérieur vue sur zone accueil et attente - mobilier de bureau
vue sur la zone attente et réception
salle de formation vue cloison amovible
cloison vitre vue côté couloir
comptoir de réception en forme arrondie
réception et open space
vue sur le call center open space design and build space planning
salle de conférence vitrophanie bureaux travail space planning
cloison vitrée vitrophanie bureaux porte vitrée
table de conférence et chaises sedus - mobilier de bureau
belle combinaison de décoration murale
cloison vitrée
aménagement intérieur de bureau cellulaire et cloison vitrée - mobilier de bureau
bureau open space avec le mobilier de bureau bene
salle de réunion avec du mobilier de bureau wilkhahn
vue sur salle de conférence et détail cloison vitrée
low budget design
vue bibliothèque

Office furnishings, creation of work areas, office design

For over 30 years, your partner in office planning, office furnishings, design, interior layout and the creation of work areas.

Whether you want to redesign your office or your home, your professional space or your living environment, EGB’s interior designers will be able to find, for you and with you, the elegant, intelligent design which will set you apart and which will immediately impress your colleagues and work teams. With over 30 years experience, EGB Design is your partner in office planning, office furnishings, design, interior layout and space creation. EGB Design & Build has developed a high level of competence in applying the wisdom of nature to architecture and interior design, making it the outstanding leader in this field.


To develop an office space means bringing in architects, interior designers, designers, specialists in space planning and space analysis  space planning, du space analysis and in interior planning but, above all, it is about writing your story. This is your story which EGB’s specialists will rewrite with you. For our bureau, it is about harmony, simplicity, authenticity, elegance  –  a timeless synergy of qualities beyond the vagaries of fashion  –  while simultaneously keeping safety, durability, sustainability and cost management in view.

The sphere in which we evolve has a direct impact on our mood and behaviour. For yourself and those close to you, you dream of spacious rooms, innovative spaces, elegant furniture, comfortable chairs and a warm ambience. Whether you like black with straight lines, or white with curves, or zones of colour, direct or indirect lighting, EGB Design & Build with its skills and know-how, its perfect knowledge of what the market has to offer in terms of office furniture or home fittings will turn your dreams into reality. Our passion for unique rooms and natural materials is your guarantee. Depend upon it: your success is our success.

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