Tapis hertz 

Tapis Hertz in Luxembourg city is more than a simple shop, it is a true institution.

Also, when the opportunity presented itself for EGB INTERIOR DESIGN to design the new facilities of the brand in the Belle Etoile mall, the only remaining question was to know how to combine the values and history of Tapis Hertz to the modernity of a shopping center.

We then worked closely with the Tapis Hertz team and came up with the decision to put the focus on the lighting concept in order to enhance the fabrics and colors of the products exposed in the shop. We also included made-to-measure furniture pieces highlighting the quality and design of Tapis Hertz goods.

Whether the brand establishes itself in industrial looking premises or a town house listed historical monument in the city centre, our values and services will remain the same.

Tapis Hertz

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