The carlyle group 

Carlyle - salle de réunion
Carlyle - Salle de réunion
Carlyle - réception
Carlyle - couloir en cloison vitrée
Carlyle - réception
Carlyle - détail sur les cloisons

In 2008, the international global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group decided to renew its Luxembourg offices. EGB INTERIOR DESIGN was then chosen for the refurbishment works and that’s when the adventure began…

The space now conveys a feel of timeless elegance and modernity. To achieve such a result, our architects worked with different colors of solid wood mixed with a neutral color palette consisting of white, beige, grey and black. The kitchen was a very important feature because it is the area where everyone can gather and share a moment.

Another important point of focus was the light and how to have as much as possible. We then decided to place glazed partitioning almost evrywhere in order to work with the natural light provided by the large windows.

Nowadays, we spend the most part of our day in the office, which is why EGB INTERIOR DESIGN takes at heart the following mission : to design offices which suit the people who work and live in it.

The Carlyle Group

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